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Please consider donating to our program:



through the app or your bank, send to:
WeGo Community Theatre




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Paypal Giving Fund is a great way to give without any fees.

100% of your donation goes to the charity of your choice.

  • Giving Assurance: PayPal works to ensure charities are in good standing and PayPal confirms the status of all participating charities, organizations and agencies.

  • No Fees: When you donate to PayPal Giving Fund, all fees are paid by PayPal.

  • Receive a tax receipt: After you donate, you’ll get your PayPal Giving Fund tax receipt by email. Login any time to see all your PayPal Giving Fund donations.

VIsit now to donate. 

Do you shop at Walmart? ​Donate your change by automatically rounding up your orders to the nearest dollar at checkout with SparkGood!

Login at and select "WeGo Community Theatre" as your non-profit organization, then shop as you normally would!

Raised through SparkGood since 11/2022:


Amazon Smile


Raised through AmazonSmile since 09/2021:


Thank you!!

To us, that's two gallons of paint or a 4x8' sheet of Foamular® polystyrene (the pink styrofoam)!  





Thank you Amazon Smile for supporting our program!

We are sad to see you go....


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